Search engine optimization has become the cornerstone of any business. Numerous Chicago businesses have turned to various SEO specialists to improve their rankings, attract more traffic and also improve brand awareness. If you are running a business in Chicago, you are always looking for the next big thing. What we mean by this is the next best thing to invest to that will give you the highest return on investment.

  1. Active Social Media Presence

Social media platforms have increased dramatically in the last few years. Today, they include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Google Plus and much more. Since most customers are always on their social media profiles, you need to find ways to reach out to them. Remember, currently Google has integrated social media posts into search results.

Therefore, you can also get a good ranking on SERP’s depending on your social media presence. If you want to incorporate social media into your local SEO strategy, you should start by being active on all these sites. It might take a lot of work to make sure that each profile on every platform is updated but when you are making more sales and profits, there will be no more complains.

Make sure that your social media posts are always relevant and updated. The content needs to be enticing and attractive to the target audience. Avoid copying your competitors because your potential customers will see through you right away. Finally, you should always answer customer queries or concerns about your business promptly.

Make sure the information displayed on these profiles about your business is correct. Always leave directions, contact details and the right name of the business. That way, you can always redirect numerous potential customers from your social media sites to your physical store with ease.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Currently, numerous internet users rely on their mobile phones and other mobile devices such as tablets or smartwatches. Therefore, if your site is only limited to desktop users, you might be locking out many potential customers. Therefore, the first thing to do is to make sure that your site is responsive. That means that anyone one the desktop or mobile device has access to the information on your website effortlessly.

Secondly, you can use a few mobile marketing techniques to get more customers. Some of the common mobile marketing techniques you can include in your local SEO strategy include the following. You can try using text messages and short codes, mobile web options, search and display adverts, mobile apps and much more.

If you are catering to the needs of the mobile users, then you are way ahead of the competitors who are reliant on the desktop users. As a matter of fact, the number of users using mobile devices to access the internet has increased dramatically surpassing the number of desktop users. Therefore, your site should be catered heavily to the mobile users.

  1. Google Listing

If you want more customers to come to your business, you need to take advantage of Google listing. Here, you need to provide the relevant information about your business to make sure that whenever customers need your products, they can find your business with ease. On the other hand, everywhere your business is listed on the internet should always have the right and correct information to improve your Google listing.

Make sure the phone numbers, business name, address or email addresses match. If the information is contradictory in different listings, Google will opt out of giving your business a proper listing. On the other hand, it would also be disappointing for potential customers if they end up in the wrong store because the information you provided was incorrect.

  1. Take Advantage Of Customer Reviews

The type of services you offer can work positively or negatively for you. If customers leave bad reviews about your business online, you might lose a lot of customers. With SEO take advantage of social media mentions, any reviews of your business left on social media as well as other sites can affect the growth of your business.

Take an instance where a customer receives terrible service at your business and mentions it on social media. Soon enough, the post is shared and retweeted to many followers, and it will become part of your search results when somebody looks for your business online.

This is one of the most important factors and will determine how successful your company will be in future. So you should always aim to have at least a four-star company according to websites like Yelp. Anything below that can hurt your revenue by a lot.

Regardless of how bad the review might be, you can always turn it around by offering free or discounted services to that particular customer. Eventually, your business reviews will be turned around, and you can enjoy getting more customers. If a customer leaves a good review about your business, you should always thank them for coming to show a personal touch.

  1. Links

Links are very beneficial to the users on your site especially in 2017. SEO trends in Chicago have changed drastically. For instance, with internal linking, visitors to your site can move from one page to the other without necessarily taking a lot of time to look for it. Therefore, make sure that your internal links are accurate and visible. On the other hand, search engines can crawl the pages on your site with ease giving you a good ranking on the SERPs.

Also, backlinks can come in handy in improving your optimization efforts. If other credible sites link to yours, the search engines will take that as a sign of good measure. Be careful to avoid spammy links for the best results.


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