Everyone knows Spotify, right? Do you know that you can access Spotify for free? This is how to get a premium version. 

What is Spotify

It’s just one of the largest and probably the most famous music libraries in the world. Spotify offers access to huge audio collections, both for free and for a fee.

The service itself was established in 2008 and has been gaining popularity ever since. Access to music is via a special application. It can be downloaded to all popular platforms. The application itself is somewhat reminiscent of iTunes and works as an independent system, “inside” of which developers can program and run their applications. For example, the internal Rolling Stone App is available, thanks to which we get instant access to editors, lists of the entire magazine and Mick Jagger’s List of Reggae.

getting spotify free

Is it possible to get free Premium Spotify

Yes. There are several sites that claim to give away Spotify gift cards for free and we do not hide that some of them are legitimate as well and you can actually get a Bon from these sites that will allow you to have a premium account on Spotify.

Only that you must be very careful when dealing with sites such as it is almost impossible to find out if they are too true or not. How does that matter? Well to start with, most of these sites are known to infect your computer with various malicious programs such as  adware and malware.

We still don’t shun the fact that they are worth giving try out. We only suggest Be especially careful when providing information on these pages. The sign of the story to tell the wrong side is the one that gives surveys to complete before giving out a gift card. So watch them and be safe.

Cheaper Spotify for students

If you are musical freaks and studying at the same time, like listening to music or just want to explore the world of Spotify – take advantage of the opportunity to reduce the price of the Spotify Premium subscription. So almost free.

The Spotify offer for students has been launched in 33 countries. Spotify decided to reduce the subscription price by 50%.

Students receive access to all Spotify Premium functions, namely:

  • uninterrupted music playback without ads,
  • a catalog of over 30 million songs,
  • the ability to save music offline,
  • better sound quality of the played songs.

To take advantage of the opportunity for cheaper Spotify Premium, go to a special website and use the form to verify your student status. Among other things, please provide your university name and one of the following documents:

  • class schedule
  • excerpt from the index,
  • confirmation of payment for registration / tuition fees,
  • document confirming enrollment in the student list.

Cellular network operators

Many operators offer a free Spotify Premium subscription. If your contract ends, look through your operator’s offers, you may find an offer that matches and will also contain Spotify Premium.



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