A puppy is like a small child and needs your care and closeness. There are times when you can be sure that he will want to get it done. After eating, sleeping and after intense fun, he will feel the need almost immediately. Remember that a young dog will not sleep through the night. How to potty train a puppy?

Why does the dog pee at home

Dogs sometimes take care of their needs at home, not necessarily in a designated place. Why is this happening? There are at least several reasons:

  • because your dog wants to mark the terrain
  • has kidney problems
  • for joy
  • has bladder problems – can’t hold urine,
  • takes medications that are diuretics,
  • is not taught to take care of the needs on the mat or outside,
  • is often punished for inappropriate behavior.
potty training puppy

How to teach a dog to pee outside

How can you keep your dog from peeing at home? How do you teach a puppy to pee outside? It is worth using such methods as:

  • frequent going out with a pet,
  • rewarding treats for getting out of the house,
  • praising the dog for appropriate behavior,
  • dedicating a lot of time to learning,
  • being patient
  • learning how to read the dog’s behavior and reaction,
  • not sticking the dog’s nose in the excrement when done in the wrong place,
  • if you spread mats at home, it will be a signal for a dog that it can also be arranged inside, and not only outside.

First of all, you need to be consistent and learn to communicate with your dog, putting negative emotions aside, and remembering about small praise, nice gestures and snacks. However, you need to be moderate and not reward your dog at random times.

Designate a place

Of course, the best solution is to take it outside as often as possible, but it is worth choosing at home one place where the toddler will also be able to settle.

Special hygienic underlays with a waterproof bottom that are filled with absorbent fibers will help you keep clean. Many of them also absorb the smell of urine. Take your toddler to the mat as soon as you notice he is looking for a place to settle. Be sure to praise him and give him a treat if he pee on the mat. Strengthen good behavior, do not focus on mishaps. Ignoring the puddle in the middle of the living room will do better than punishing the dog. 

Be patient

You are certainly asking yourself “how long does it take to learn how to clean a puppy?” Unfortunately, this question cannot be given a precise answer. With puppies the situation is the same as with children – some learn to settle the potty faster, while others need more time. It all depends on the individual predispositions of the animal, but above all on your regularity and patience.

Remember that dogs learn cause-and-effect pairing fairly quickly when they have additional stimuli, e.g. treats. If you reward your pet for arranging it in the right place, you can count on fairly quick success. 

The older the animal, the longer the period. An annual pet should last all night. Regardless of the generally accepted norms, you have to adjust the regularity of going for walks to his needs.


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