Apple is a brand associated mainly with high quality and attention to every detail. This is not surprising, because it fully deserved its reputation. However, even in devices with the logo of the bitten apple, there are breakdowns for which it is necessary to take appropriate corrective actions. How to restore iPhone?

Restore iPhone with Backup

If the iPhone, which we intend to restore to the factory settings, has some important data stored in the memory, such as photos, contacts, recordings, e-mails or SMSes, then of course we should first protect them from loss by doing a backup.

In iOS, we can do this backup in two ways. The first requires connecting the iPhone with a cable to the computer and creating a backup using iTunes. The second way – more convenient and faster, because wireless – is to use the iCloud service, under which each iOS user receives from Apple 5 GB of free cloud space, which can be used, among others to create a complete iPhone backup. To use the backup via iCloud, from the device settings level go to the iCloud tab, select Disk and archive, and then select the iCloud archive option. From now on, all will be automatically archived in the iCloud service when the iPhone is within WiFi range and is connected to charging.

restoring iphone

How to restore factory settings

Before we delete all data from the iPhone, we still need to turn off security – Find My iPhone. We will find them in Settings -> Apple ID -> select our device from the list -> Find my iPhone -> turn off (you will need to enter the password for our Apple ID).

If you have already backed up and turned off Find My iPhone, we can proceed to the appropriate operation:

  • We run Settings and go to the General section,
  • At the very bottom we choose Reset,
  • Here, click Erase content and settings (if the iPhone was previously protected by a code, we will still be asked to provide it).

From now on the contents of the phone will be deleted. The time of the operation will depend on the amount of data contained, as well as the model of the phone and may vary from a few minutes to over an hour. After erasing the data, the phone will be ready for sale or to be restored from a backup.

Restore using a computer

Before starting the procedure, you need to make sure that you have an updated version of the system. You will need iTunes installed (also in the latest version) for the reset. The first thing to do is enter the settings on your phone, select the iCloud option, and then Find My iPhone. The next steps should be done on your computer.

  • Launch the Finder window (macOS Catalina 10.15) or the iTunes application (macOS 10.14 and earlier or PC).
  • Connect the phone to the computer.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. At this stage, you will need to enter the code (the same as when resetting from a smartphone).
  • When the device appears among the available locations, click Play.
  • Confirm the entire operation.

Then, you will be able to configure the system in the same way as after buying a new iPhone.



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