On average, we spend about 8 hours of our days sleeping. That is about a third of our day. Therefore, in the long run, we spend about a third of lives sleeping, more often than on not in our beds. It thus makes sense to pull all stops to ensure our beds are as comfortable as possible. Sleeping is a large part of our lives and thus we should do it in the best possible way.

For people who make use of memory foam mattresses, their nights tend to be very comfortable. This is because memory foam mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. Herein we will explore what makes memory foam mattresses very comfortable to sleep on. A more detail article can be found on Best Memory Foam Mattress – Top 10 Rated if you are interested.

#1. Pressure Distribution

The first reason for their supreme comfort is their incredible pressure distribution. Typically, memory foams are known to evenly distribute the weight of sleeping individuals, thus lowering the pressure points that your body is put under. For instance, on average the pressure points on your body are over 80% lower than it in spring mattresses. In this regard, when sleeping on a memory foam mattress, it is like sleeping on billions very minute springs.

Granted that the highest quality bad back mattress that will perform vastly better in regards to pressure distribution, generally using this kind of beds comes with reduce tossing and turning due to pressure points. As a consequence, you get to experience far better sleep quality.

#2. No Motion Transfer

Another reason for the supreme comfort is the steadiness of the mattress. While other forms mattresses have some tension within the material, which causes bouncing and jiggling, memory foam mattresses are steady. In fact, the only deformation possible in the case of memory mattresses is temperature induce deformation. As such, there is no transfer of movement when you toss while sleeping or when you wake up. Even when you move one part of your body, there will be no transfer of movement to other parts of your body.

#3. Adjusts To Your Contours

As mentioned above, the only deformation that memory foam mattresses go through is temperature induced deformation. This kind of deformation allows the mattress to deform while following your body contours. Basically, by using your body temperature, the bed deforms and shapes itself according to your body contours.

This plays a part in reducing pressure points that your body experiences, thus enhancing the quality of sleep that you experience.

#4. Offers Superior Lumbar Support

Finally, memory foam mattresses are supremely comfortable due to the stellar lumbar support they offer. Of all the beds available on the market, few mattresses offer better lumbar support as memory foam mattresses do. For instance, they help to keep the spine cord aligned, inducing a better sleeping posture.

By enhancing your lumbar support and reducing the pressure your spinal cord is placed under, they offer a more comfortable sleeping surface.

The combination of these factors makes the memory foam one of the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on.

#5. Going With the Best Mattress

This is a bonus for you guys! Remeber that going with the right mattress is one of the most important decisions you can make. A mattress is extremely important especially since we spend so much time every night. We would highly recommend ongoing with the best type and looking at Top Mattress website picks. Every person has a different body shape and what this means is that you should be sleeping on a different type of mattress. Do your research and we hope you enjoyed this!


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